Metrotech | Roll up doors
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Dedication to Quality

Metroshutters are expertly machined and manufactured to exact tolerances – they are strong enough for absolute security and are designed for reliable, simple and speedy operation. All our doors are made with only the best quality materials to ensure that customers have the utmost security in their establishments. Backed by our one year warranty, Metroshutters™ are guaranteed to provide years of trouble-free operation.

Customized Manufacturing

Metroshutters™ are custom made to fit all your door requirements. Our sales and engineering staff are always on hand to help you decide the appropriate materials, operation, finish, and installation method for your doors. Here at Metrotech, we make it our job to consider architectural parameters, construction timetables, budgets, and usage and safety – every relevant factorto manufacture your ideal door.


METROshutters curtains are manufactured from interlocking, roll-formed “C” profile slats. Available in different slat thickness depending on applications. The ends of each alternate slat are fitted with end locks.

The end locks are made of cast malleable metal or galvanized steel, spot-welded to both ends of alternate slats, designed to prevent lateral movement of the slats and allow for a smooth operation of the shutter.


The bottom bar is constructed from two right angled GALVALUME steel bars, each not less than 38mm x 38mm x 2.5mm thick. Between the two right angled GALVALUME steel bars is sandwiched the bottom slat of the curtain, which is securely welded into position. METROshutters™ bottom bar is designed to place the padlock holder, weather stripping and/or safety device.


METROshutters™ guides are formed using GALVALUME steel channels with sufficient depth to retain the curtain in place under the horizontal pressure; it also prevents ends of curtain from de-aligning from guide slots. Top sections shall flare for smooth entry of curtains. Stops shall be provided to limit the curtains from moving beyond the guides. METROshutters™ guides are featured with Polyvinyl Chloride strip to act as a wear strip and to prevent steel to steel contact with the curtain and guide allowing for longevity and quiet operation


Hoods are manufactured from Galvanized Aluminum Sheet, 0.7mm thick. It is formed to fit contour of end brackets, all top and bottom edges are reinforced with rods or angle bars, and then fastened to brackets or angle bars. Hoods of more than 3.00 meters in length shall have intermediate supporting brackets.


As a standard, METROshutters™ manually operated and chain operated roll-up doors are equipped with two locking systems.

A center lock located at waist height, locking device on the inside and key operated from the outside.
In addition, two padlock holders are welded at the base of the side guide and

bottom bar for added security.
For motor-operated roll-up door or grille, PADLOCK HOLDERS are provided only upon request.


METROshutters grilles are available in Anodized Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Designs come in brick or venetian pattern.

ALUMINUM GRILLES consists of horizontal tubes ½” diam. with 10mm diam. shafting support, spaced not over 3” apart with vertical connecting links.

STAINLESS GRILLES consists of horizontal tubes ½” diam. with 10mm diam.shafting support, spaced not over 4” apart with vertical connecting links.


Wind locks are provided for doors with wide openings to prevent curtain from de-alignment due to deflection from wind pressure or other surfaces.


ALUMINUM GRILLES is constructed of extruded tubular aluminum bar of not less than 1.5mm x 45mm x 75mm.

STAINLESS GRILLES is constructed of stainless rectangular tube of not less than 1.2mm x 45mm or 2 pieces of stainless angle bar of 1/8” x 1 ½” x 1 ½”


Curtain shall coil on a barrel supported at end of opening on brackets and be balanced by helical springs. The drum is made from m/s tube of proper thickness and diameter corresponding to the size of the curtain and then is capped at both ends. The wall thickness is designed sufficiently to limit deflection. Within the barrel, an oil-tempered, helical, counter balancing steel spring, shall be installed which is capable of producing sufficient torque to assure easy operation of the door.


METROshutters™ also offers fully perforated slats of 3mm in diameter, providing a see through effect as well as allowing for increased ventilation. Another option that METROshutters™ offers are slats punched with vent holes of 100mm x 25mm, also for the purpose of ventilation and vision.


Wicket door is an optional offered by METROshutters™. It is an accessory to the roll-up door, ideal as service entry, applicable to motorized or chain-block operated roll-up shutters with wide opening. Wicket door swings back when curtain is raised to give a clear, unobstructed opening. METROshutters™ standard wicket door dimension is 1.5mH x .60mW.