Metrotech | Fire Rated Doors
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The emphasis on life safety and property protection has never been greater than it is today. Fire Rated doors play a very important role in the fire resistance of a building.

Fire Rated doors are required to  provide adequate resistance to the passage of smoke and other combustible materials during the early stages of a fire and secondly  to provide a barrier to a well-develop fire without permitting fire and excessive quantities of smoke to pass.


Metro Therma Doors, is a symbol of excellence in quality door construction and functionality.

  • Door – GA#18 Galvanized Steel or Ga#18 Stainless steel
  • Insulation – Honeycomb (Hollow Core) or Rockwool (Steel Stiffened)
  • Door Frame – Ga#16 Galvanized Steel or Ga#16 Stainless Steel
  • Offers a wide range of specifiable options such as,
    • Custom door sizes
    • Fire rated vision glass (available up to 3 hours fire rating)
    • Fire rated louvers with fusible link (up to 90 minutes fire rating)
    • Hardware preparations (mechanical / electrical)

What is Temperature Rise?

A temperature rise rating shown on a fire door label is in addition to the fire protection rating. it indicates the maximum temperature rise, above ambient, developed on the unexposed side of the door at the 30 minute point of a standard fire test. The fire door’s temperature rise is designed to provide protection whenever fire and radiant heat transfer needs to be minimized.


It is typically specified for stairwell enclosures to provide a safe path of egress from high temperatures generated in a fire.

What is Positive Pressure Test?

Positive Pressure testing is the new method of testing fire doors by simulating real fire conditions. As heat develops within the source area, pressure inside begins to build up; therefore smoke, hot gases and flames are forced through any openings in the door assembly.


Metro Therma Door is positive pressure tested for 3 hours with 450°F temperature rise


DSC05408 copy

Before the Test


During the Test


After 3 hours

DSC_2197 copy

Hose steam test

DSC_2229 1copy

After hose steam test