Metrotech | Louver Windows
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Louver Windows

Louvers are commonly installed in doors or used as windows; a louver is basically an assembly of slanted blades designed to permit airflow from one area of the building to another. The amount of air from movement through the louver depends on the louver profile. Metrotech Steel Industries, Inc. manufactures and supplies different types of louvers depending on the requirements of the specific area or architectural specifications.

Louvers Manufactured to Fit Your Requirements

Metro louvers are manufactured through a series of metal forming process rather than through a metal roll forming/extrusion process. Our process gives us the flexibility required to custom manufacture your louver requirements according to size, louver profile, design, tolerances, etc.

As our standards for louvers, we manufacture using Ga.18 galvanized steel, however other materials and thicknesses are available.

Why Galvanized Louvers?

Galvanized louvers are economical and effective choice for many applications. Galvanized steel (coated with a layer of zinc) is corrosion resistant and remains rust free for decades. Galvanized louvers have excellent weather resistance, making it suitable for exterior exposure. The zinc alloy coating on galvanized steel is also abrasion and impact resistant, and harder than base steel. Overall, galvanized louvers are stronger than their mild steel or aluminum counterparts.

Metro louvers, as standard, are primer coated. However, we can also supply in powder coated, lacquer painted, or acrylic painted depending on the client’s request and specification.

Galvanized Louver Types

Over the years, Metrotech Steel Industries, Inc. has developed different profiles of louvers depending on its application. Although generally the louvers are custom fabricated to fit your needs, we classified our louvers into several categories:

  • Interior Louvers: Recommended for areas requires low velocities of air. Usually installed in interior applications.
  • Heavy Duty Louvers: Reinforced to withstand high velocities of air. Recommended for Exterior applications.
  • Patented-Storm Louvers: Designed to withstand strong winds and water from entering your building. Recommended for exterior applications.
  • Patented-Acoustic Louvers: Insulated to minimize noise/sound while serving its function as ventilation. Recommended for gen-set rooms.